First Concept Pass

A glitchy neo-Tokyo inspired direction intended to feel high tech and punchy
A graffiti inspired design with heavy use of spray paint and urban stylisation

Our concept artist Becky Farr took Zuckles initial requests for the skin and created two paint-overs for general direction

Second Concept Pass

Use of Zuckles original channel logo – a throwback for long time fans
We combined the neo-Tokyo / cyberpunk direction with his existing brand

After a pass of feedback, Becky came up with a selection of refined designs with a focus on brand identity

First Engine Pass

Due to texel density limitations we decided to revisit the Zuckles logo on the rear of the gun
Out of engine render – elements would flip in-engine

Next one of our principle artists Ben Maher created an initial pass on the textures – after implementation we decided to revisit some elements of the design to better fit the existing model

Second Engine Pass

We moved from an emissive battery to instead having a nuclear container which glows in the dark

After testing with emissive elements, we decided to change the direction of the visible part of the chamber to a nuclear reactor approach after a suggestion from Zuckles – we found this worked great both with the direction of the skin, and in-engine at night time.

Final Version

The final version submitted to Facepunch.


We approached Zuckles after hearing he was looking for a 3D artist to create a skin for Rust, a survival game developed by Facepunch Studios.

Working with him to generate the concepts and final implementation was an absolute pleasure, and we are very happy with the final result.

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